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‘Makkai’ and ‘Badam’

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‘Makkai’ and ‘Badam’ , Makkai is the Nepali word for Corn and ‘Badam’ for Peanuts. Makkai and Badam are very famous and traditional time pass chew in Nepal here. Especially in the winter seasons, people enjoy these under the pleasing warmth of the sun. Below a typical Makkai stall found in streets of Kathmandu.

[ A typical Makkai and Badam stall in Streets of Kathmandu , Kathmandu,Nepal]

And an interesting thing to note here is. Lady such as in this picture are often called by the locales with the name “Makkai Bechne Didi” ( Corn seller sister) rather than the normal local denotation of “Didi” (sister).

[The ‘badam’ (peanuts) which was on sale with that women on previous photo]

A street treat to be enjoyed on the lovely summer day of winter season in Kathmandu. Don’t miss it for tasting that touch of typicalness.

© Kushal Goyal Photography 🙂

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January 6, 2010 at 11:09 PM